Our Story


The water of unmatched purity cascades from the edges of the towering glaciers in the Toba Inlet running deep through the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia capsulated over millions of years ago - untouched in its ultra-purest form. Ice Age Glacial captures this water at the natural melt point, untainted in its pure glacial taste, without disrupting the original water compositions - true purity unlike any other. We've unlocked the glacial source for you to enjoy.


Compression and geothermal energy cause the bottom of ice fields to be slightly warmer than the ice above it. As the bottom of the ice fields naturally melts, ultra-pure glacial water filters and purifies itself through the settlement and into glacial lakes. These flows of glacial water then run over cliffs without ever forming a spring. As it falls, we collect our Ice Age Glacial Water and then transport it to our nearby bottling facility. An underground spring lets the water collect more dissolved solids as it sits – our glacial melt water is dynamic, moving near constantly, and therefore very little mineral content is imparted into the water. Ice Age Glacial Water is ultra-pure the second we collect it. With the addition of modern bottling facility and following the strict guidelines of both Health Canada and the FDA, we bring this precious glacial water to the world. The result: naturally pure glacial water with only 4 parts per million of total dissolved solids. No sodium. No fluoride. No chlorine.


Our glacier water is melted only by nature, we never and will never force the melting process. As a company, we are deeply committed to reducing our bottling impact on the environment. We undertake numerous initiatives, including adopting the latest technology and equipment in bottling, packaging and lighting to improve efficiency and reduce consumptions, recycling 100% of our waste to reach our goal of zero waste to landfill and committing to source the packaging materials from renewable, recycled, or sustainable sources as much as possible. With every day of operation, we will continue to try and find new ways to reduce our environmental footprint.


The purest water through a window of time into the ICE AGE.

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