Our Source

We source our water from Alpine Creek, Toba Inlet, British Columbia. At 4 Parts Per Million, our water is uniquely pure!

5The Unique Natural Source – The Gold Standard for Bottled Waters

Pure, natural genuine glacier water, a unique treasure and one of Canada’s Best Kept Secrets.

Our Water is sourced from Alpine Creek, Toba inlet, British Columbia. Above the inlet is the Hat mountain glacier, a part of the coastal glacier range. Approximately 200 miles northwest of Vancouver, this remote glacier feeds into a glacial lake and structured watershed, completely isolated from habitation and environmentally protected by the British Columbian government. This area generally records in excess of 175 inches of rainfall annually.

Why choose us?

  • Unlike many brands of water on the market today, our water does not go through significant filtering processes. Instead, our water is “alive” in its natural state and filtered through natural processes
  • Our remote source is completely isolated from any source of human or commercial pollutants
  • Our water boasts 4 Parts per Million (PPM) Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) compared to many company’s water containing upwards of 300-500
  • Environmentally friendly- no risk of depletion/no effect on balanced water table
  • Source contains high negative ion charges- making the water even healthier for you!
  • Gold standard and glacier water category leader

Skeptics who may challenge this claim are generally astounded when reading the 20 page NSF source water analysis report. Ice Age and Vortex Premium Glacier Water is the GOLD STANDARD for WATER. Many have remarked on its natural traits resembling those of far more expensive processed “clustered” water brands. However, unlike distilled or ultra-filtered and reverse osmosis processed waters, this water is alive in its natural state. The Alpine Creek Glacial source is documented to have high negative ion charges, naturally generated by its environment.

Although the company makes no claims, other than the importance of water in the daily diet and the uniqueness of this glacier source, many health practitioners and homeopathic doctors recommend Ice Age and Vortex to their patients.

At 4 Parts Per Million (PPM) Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), versus a number of other waters available on the market at over 300 to 500 PPM, the water is uniquely pure. The perpetual source has no danger of depletion, nor effect on the balanced water table level of the surrounding area. A simple comparative taste test done at room temperature, can easily demonstrate the incredible differences between this water and other bottled waters.

Unlike the vast majority of waters available on the market today, there is no processing with this water and only a small single filter is required for our products. As a precautionary sterilization requirement, the water line of the bottling plant runs through a UV and Ozonation process, which does not alter the unique character and structure of this glacial water.

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