The Triangle Bottle is back! … Re-Introduced after a three year absence.

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The Triangle Bottle is back! … Re-Introduced after a three year absence.

New Attitude Beverage Corp. announces at Natural Expo West its re-introduction of MUSIC PREMIUM GLACIER WATER in the triangular plastic bottle.

March 19, 2005

(Redondo Beach, Ca.) New Attitude Beverage Corp., known for its ICE AGE PREMIUM GLACIER WATER in its cobalt blue series of bottles announces the return of MUSIC in the triangular bottle. After a 3 year hiatus after having source issues in getting the bottles made to its standards, New Attitude brings it back.

Mary-Jane Ginsberg said “… I can finally hear Music again! Customers and distributors have been asking for it and some even accept the brand in round bottles due to the water’s reputation. Over the past 6 months a new alliance with a bottle blow molder has concluded with a supply agreement with and an exceptional quality bottle in a 13.5 oz/ 400ml and 1 Liter size. The 1.5 L size is still a work in progress due to engineering limitations. We hope to have that size available by summer”.

Along with the reintroduction of the shape and bottle comes a new transparent look to the “MUSIC- for your body” label.

It was enlightening to see the attention the bottle display received at the show over the past two days…….the bottles and labels worked so well together with a great “crystal cathedral” impact.

Product will start shipping April 1 to three key markets, California, South Florida and the Pacific Northwest. Suggested retail for the 400 ml version is $0.99 and $1.59 for 1 Liter. There is an option for sports cap version on either size. The 1.5L will have flat clear caps only.

Mary-Jane adds, “The premium water market is where profits lie for both wholesalers and retailers…when product has merit in its look and quality, the consumer responds. We believe this adds one more premium group to the ever changing water table.

The only water we use is genuine glacier water packed at our plant in Vancouver, B.C. Our glacier water has a reputation of not only being in its natural state but is the world’s softest and purest water…….our 12 page NSF analysis report says it all in black and white without comparison, anywhere.”

What a comeback story…

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