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A New “SPIN ” on waters.

New Attitude introduces VORTEX Extreme Purified, Spun Activated Water at the 2005 Natural Expo Trade Convention in Anaheim.

March 19, 2005

(Redondo Beach, Ca.) New Attitude Beverage Corp., manufacturer of the X24/7 series of drinks and master distributor of ICE AGE and MUSIC Premium Glacier Waters introduces its entry into the clustered water arena .

Produced in Canada in an MK Kosher certified bottling plant and with a combination of proprietary technologies partly created with the help of a Russian Physicist, the concept is based on a new spin technology. Designed to compete in the category of hydration enhanced waters, Vortex joins the current list of contenders domestic Penta, Eon, and Vitro with its new Canadian enhancement product.

Keyed into the healthy and active lifestyle attitude, VORTEX, a new technology processed water is being introduced in April 2005. It has a new “spin” on waters with a combination of Russian technology “activating” the water after it has gone thru “Extreme Purification”.

The process includes a high intensity series of electromagnets which alter the ionic structure of the activated water water. One second before entering the filler the water goes thru a high speed spinning VORTEX whirlpool process built 1 foot above the filler which substantially increases absorption of medical grade oxygen which has been infused into the product water.

The result: superior hydration into the cellular structure of the body.

Simon Ginsberg explains, “magnets are used in everyday life to create energy and change structures. Loudspeakers use magnets to create sound waves. The ipod earphones use tiny magnets. Electric motors turn electricity into motion and movement and are comprised of positive and negative rotating magnets. That same principl is used to change the structure of Vortex water. Add the physical VORTEX to that and oxygen is sucked into the bottle. As an example, municipal water recycling plants uses spray aeration to absorb oxygen into the water.

The changes in this series.

The source of the initial water is high quality glacial fed municipal water of Vancouver, British Columbia. It is processed to remove the chlorine and any other impurities that may be present in the municipal water supply pipeline.

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